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Why Support This Launch?

The simple answer is because you can give away high quality free training to your audience. Your followers will thank you, plus you earn a commission for every sale you refer, for those people who decide to take the next step and join Blog Mastermind 2.0.

All you have to do is provide your people with a free copy of the new 88-Page Blog Profits Blueprint report, in text or MP3 audio. I don’t hold anything back in this report, it is a complete introductory guide for selling teaching products from a blog. You can download it now on this page and see for yourself.

I will follow up with your people, offer more free training videos, case studies, and an infographic, followed by a special offer to join Blog Mastermind 2.0.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Are The Commissions?

Blog Mastermind entry level is $997, with a four month payment plan available as well. You receive 50% commission per sale (just under $500 per sale).

I also offer an upgrade version of the program, which includes a done for you blog + email list package and additional coaching support. You receive $1,000 commission per sale if a person you refer takes the upgrade.

2. How Are Sales Tracked?

I use the Ontraport system to run my affiliate program, which uses a first-cookie plus hard-coded referral optin tracking. This means we track when people click your affiliate link, and when they optin you are locked in as the referring affiliate. If they purchase in the next 12 months, you receive a commission.

My system will send you an email every time you make a sale. You can also login to the partner portal anytime to check your affiliate stats.

3. How Do You Get Paid?

I pay out commissions via Paypal every month, once your referred purchase is past the 60-day refund period.

The Blog Mastermind Affiliate Launch Calendar

BM Launch Calendar 2016

What Is Blog Mastermind 2.0?

Blog Mastermind Course

This is a brand new version of my flagship training program, Blog Mastermind, which I completely rebuilt from scratch in 2015 and have been testing internally with my audience.

The first version of Blog Mastermind was a huge success, with over 2,000 members taking part from 2007-2010, and many graduates going on to make hundreds of thousands to even millions of dollars (I have case studies to show you).

This new version of the training was created specifically for experts, authors, teachers, trainers, writers, speakers — basically any person with knowledge who wants to help others and make a full time income selling digital information online.

The program teaches people how to combine the following three tools…

  1. A Blog
  2. A Targeted Email List
  3. A Digital Product

…To earn $100,000 or more per year.

It’s a structured process broken down into six core workshops, two introductory trainings and a bonus podcasting training program, all available in video, MP3 audio and premium text transcripts.

Your Launch Materials

You can preview the launch resources below. These resources will be released with videos, during the prelaunch week, which you can share with your audience. Please DO NOT share these until the appropriate day (you will receive notice via email when it is go-time!)

Leaderboard Prizes


The following prizes will be rewarded to the affiliates who make the most sales at the conclusion of the launch (1st place = most sales, 2nd place = 2nd most sales, and so on). In order to qualify for prizes, you must make at least two sales of Blog Mastermind 2.0. In the event of a tie, the affiliate who sent more optins based on reporting from Ontraport, will take the higher placed prize.

1st Prize

1st Prize

STROMER: The Swiss E-Bike

The e-bikes from Stromer offer incomparable range, power, and versatility, and are not only eco-friendly but stylish and chic as well.

Valued at: $3,499

2nd Prize

2nd Prize

Commercial Cocktail Arcade — 60 Classic Tabeltop Games

All games are completely new, commercial grade, and have a joystick on both sides for head to head play!

Valued at: $1,695

3rd Prize

3rd Prize

Boosted Board — Single

With 1,000 watts of power and eight miles of range, you can ride it anywhere

Valued at: $1,000

4th Prize

4th Prize

Phantom 2 + H4-3D

The latest Phantom 2 comes with the new remote controller, new propulsion system and new compass, plus H4-3D gimbal.

Valued at: $699

5th Prize

5th Prize

GoPro Hero Black

Capturing 4K Ultra HD video and liquid-smooth slow motion at up to 240 frames per second.

Valued at: $499

Advice To Do Well + Some Rules

  1. Please DO NOT send any kind of spam to promote this launch, your affiliate account will be deleted and any commissions you have earned will be forfeit if you do
  2. For best results, put together an amazing and complementary bonus package to offer just to your audience if they order through your link (top affiliates ALWAYS do this)
  3. Send an email to your entire email list for every piece of pre-launch content, plus mail several times during the opening week
  4. Make sure you send a warning at the 24 hour deadline before the close, most of your sales will come during this period
  5. Encourage your audience to finish the Blog Profits Blueprint – most sales come from people who read or listen to the entire Blueprint
  6. The Ontraport tracking system is good, but I can’t guarantee perfect tracking because of things like cookie blockers, so this is another reason to offer a bonus to your people (they will claim the bonus and you can double-check you earned a commission from their order)

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Affiliate Manager: Neroli

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